The Brittish Way offers professional organizing services in the Greater Milwaukee area and specializes in decluttering and organizing your home and navigating some of life's biggest changes.


I’ll help you figure out where to start, what to declutter, give you permission to let go, and either start fresh in a new space or establish systems in your current space. I see clutter and chaos as an opportunity to find calmness and clarity and can’t wait to help you love your space again.


Both cars deserve to be parked in the garage and your closet shouldn’t be a source of stress. I offer decluttering and organizing services for every room in your house from kitchens and pantries to basements, garages, bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms.


Whether you’re establishing a new space or reviving an existing space, your office should encourage productivity. From filing systems to email management, office setup and decluttering, I’m here to create systems that work for you.


Life changes can be overwhelming and you don’t need to go at it alone. Whether you’re downsizing or growing I’m here to help with move preparation, getting setup in your new home, or post-remodel fresh starts.



My name is Britt Blackwelder, and I'm an organizer. Ever since I was little I’ve had a passion for organizing. I actually used to mess up my room on purpose just so I could put everything back in its place. Crazy, I know. Everything I know about organizing I learned from my Mum, Nana, and Great Aunt who are all British. I can't wait to meet you and help you get organized

"The Brittish Way".


Contact me to schedule your complimentary 15-minute discovery call so I can learn more about your project needs.

We'll schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult where we'll walk your space and come up with a plan.

I'll provide you with a quote including product prices (if needed), and we'll agree on project dates and times.

Time to transform your space! I prefer your involvement but your level of participation is your choice.

I'll take care of removing unwanted items (whether donating or disposing) and can assist coordinating removal of larger items.



After conducting your consultation and discussing project details, I’ll provide you with a custom quote that best fits your needs. All organizing services include time spent designing and determining the layout of your organized solution, time spent on the project, as well as hauling away items for disposal or consignment. Mutually agreed upon organizing supplies, travel-time, and time spent sourcing supplies is not included but I’m committed to staying within your budget.


Every organization project requires a custom solution, so we’ll discuss how much time may be necessary and establish a timeline. Organizing time can be purchased in single sessions or bundles, spread over days, weeks or months, but must be scheduled in at least 3-hour increments to ensure maximum productivity.


Single Session Rate: $300 for 3 Hours

Additional time can be purchased at a rate of $100 / hour



Britt has a special quality of making you feel comfortable instantly. She made herself available, quickly responding to our messages. Always respectful of our home and our attachment to things, she helped us purge unnecessary items; taking the burden off of us by taking items to the Goodwill and the dump. She helped us go through everything in our basement, organizing the space in a way more functional for us. Britt has a very calming demeanor. It is clear that she truly enjoys helping others get, and stay, organized.

Once she’s done with a project, it's obvious she's been there. Peace and calm restored, the "Brittish" way.

Kelly Fitzsimmons

We never could have cleaned out our garage without Britt. We made the decisions about what to keep, donate or toss out. But it was Britt who provided the energy, guidance and organizational skills that made it happen. She is a delight to work with and truly made a job we were dreading fun. After two days work, we were actually able to park two cars in the garage (something we haven't been able to do in 15 years). We highly recommend her and know you will enjoy working with her as much as we did.

Mary and David B

Britt can envision and create spaces that are more functional, clean, and harmonious. She worked with us to set up our kitchen the way we wish we had when we first moved in to our home four years ago. It was helpful to have someone give me permission to get rid of items I no longer had use for, and supported me when I wanted to keep something. She transported items we no longer needed to Goodwill and used my feedback to find items that would make better use of our cabinets and pantry.

I highly recommend Britt to anyone looking for more space and less stress.

Paula Phillips

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